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This is a short history/info on the I-20 Riders Organization

In 2001, four guys got together and decided to create a motorcycle club that was strictly law enforcement. The founders are Tone, Big Ranch, Freaky Black and BIG. We had all kinds of cool names for the club but finally settled on I-20 Riders because all of us lived off I-20. At the time, our logo was a red white and blue shield something we would change later. About a year or two into the club, we were approached by a civilian named Mark who wanted us to open our club to everyone, but under the conditions that 3 of his friends got to hold a position on the board. We rode with these guys and thought about it very hard and decided we would do it. In doing so, we reconstructed the board and changed our logo to black and silver so everyone could feel a part of the I-20 Organization. The 3 members that were added to the board was Sledge, G-Man and Big Al. Now we knew that Mark knew a lot of people as well as Big AL, who also had ties to SPORTSBIKE HYPE the biggest club to hit the set in DFW ever, who had just happened to disband as we were putting our club together. That combination set us up for a meeting with close to 200 riders , a few joined and some joined in the following years.


Our club philosophy did not change with this merger. We wanted to innovate and motivate everyone into showing love and if they didn't LOVE it -- they were welcome to HATE it. One of the first things we did, other than riding, was to create our website. We wanted our website to be the focal point of Dallas/Fort Worth and the beginning of showing love like it has never been shown before. You see, back then if a club had a site, the only photos you would see would be of that club and nobody else. We changed that on our site. We showed up at every event. BIG and Big AL had cameras going. It got to the point that if we didn't show to an event taking pictures to put on the site, they felt outcast. The I-20 Website averaged 700,000 hits a day -- the day after a party a million plus. The website was popping so much so that advertisers wanted to pay us to advertise on our site. We had the whole package on the website to keep you there with games, photos, music, and the infamous guest book. A few months later we saw other club's websites changing, using what we did as a template/standard for their website.


Our Riding philosophy was to ride anytime as much as possible--no matter the weather conditions. I need not talk much about this because we have been known to ride in the worst conditions. Example: we rode in 10 degrees below zero to go to a T-Mob party where nobody rode other than I-20. We rode in a storm with other clubs who peeled off at each exit--even 18 wheelers pulled over to curb side. So do we ride? Hell yeah we do! We have been to events all over the United States. I recall a club that had been on the set way before us trying to introduce us to some clubs from Washington DC. To their amazement, we knew them all. It looked like a family reunion in that joint. We try every chance and set a trend. I-20 started the first all Texas Club Ride in Myrtle Beach which was a site to see. The dj at the event said, "damn did they bring all of Texas?" I-20 is the very reason Bridging The Gap was started. We visited 3rd Coast Strokers while down in Houston. President Tank was happy to see us and said, "we are coming to Dallas and we are going to do it big." I-20 set up the first Presidents Coalition and the first PRO Group.


Another Club philosophy was to give back to the community--which we did and did a lot. Other clubs started hearing about it and wanted to do joint efforts. Actually, we worked really close with 3 clubs: Phantom Squad, Dirty South Riders, and DTMOB. These clubs are still around today, doing the same thing from back then, giving to the community. The list would be long of what we and these clubs have done together, so I will just give a few. Hurricane Katrina, Feeding the Homeless in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth, Abused Women Shelter, Turkeys for Thanksgiving, and School supply drives. Our Patch has changed several times in one way or another. We had the Chinese writing on our patch, which was a conversation starter every time we went to a party. I can say what it means now since we changed it to LOVE it OR HATE it. It means "we are all we got." Another change was initially our club was just sports bikes. We started having cruisers, so we changed our patch to reflect that.


No good club has existed without losing members who start their own club thinking that they can do it better than your club. Now if the club was bad to begin with, you can only go up. We lost more than half of our club to one such hostile take over. We personally thank them for doing so because it brought our club even closer together and we thrived even more after they left. It's never been about the numbers, but during that time frame we had our highest number of members ever. Not all clubs can survive a takeover as such, but if you're a good club that's well grounded with good By-Laws, you can make it every time. Truth be told, the most important aspect of having a club is the By-Laws because as they go your club goes. If your club has badly written By-Laws, then anybody could take over your club. There'd be no need to start a new one.


Since 2001, we have lost 2 members riding on motorcyles: Apple Bottom and Nico. These members were very special to us and the MC Community. When you look in the dictionary for what an I-20 Rider is, you should see their faces. Apple was infectious with I-20 love and everybody loved her and Nico well he was more than just a PRO for I-20. Nico was loved by the masses and hated by a few who envied a PRO who had so much power to change things.  We also had natrual deaths of members Black Moses and Tweet. We miss and love them so much. Chapters!!!! We have had two additional chapters -- one in Atlanta and the other in California. Both started by President, Dirty. Dirty has set history with a Three-Peat as President for I-20 Riders. The California Chapter is going strong and the Atlanta chapter has since dissolved. We are not quick to hand out chapters. There are three original founders that are still with the club: Tone, Big O, and Big. As for the others that we merged with, none of them are currently with I-20. Currently our President is Big Mike who was a rodey for I-20 before buying a motorcyle and joing the club. The club in 2014 is still a majority of Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters combined with outstanding Professionals that work in our communities. Check back as this gets updated as we can recall. If you have any questions or comments,  please ask in the comments below.

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